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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Collection :: Abduction

When you work in this field, you get all sorts of sweet deals if you have the right resources. I happen to work in the Industrial Design field and through a few cobs the resource happens to have some hookups with nice deals for watches……..
Nah I have my cap on sideways. To put things straight, just got them through a friend. lol

Alessi :: Kaj :: Designed by Karim Rashid (Abducted - 50%)

Appetime :: Pips (Abducted - 100%)

Nike Timing (Abducted - 75%)

Been waiting for these for a month since I ordered them. It was such a good deal I couldn’t resist buying 10, which sums up to the equivalent price of buying 1 digital watch only. NICE.

Enjoyed the collection for about a day maybe.

Then more than half has been abducted, as usual. or2…

Saturday, October 3, 2009

National Day of the P-R-C :: and my balcony

"October 1, 2009 National Day of the PRC = Holiday Hell yea."

That's what scrolled by my mind before the 1st of Octo, high and all until I found out we were being ripped off, again.

I was at a factory the other day in mainland feeling the tension rise, a strange spark of excitement and a shitload (shit.load) of traffic jam. It was ex-National Day and all em people of the the Republic of China were rushing home.

Preparing for their holiday, which I later found out they had 1 damn week.

Us, em people of the Hong Kong Boondock's only have 1 day! WTF? I know we kiss a lot of western ass but c'mon we're still YELLOW, have eyes with the potential of being blindfolded with a dental floss and we speak CHING CHANG. What's with this workaholic shit. It's all boondock's here and we need to crop more but c'mon give us a break right.

Anyways, feeling blue and all I was surfing the web for anything that'll cure this jealousy thing with some laughs, until I heard some noise outside. Ignored it the first few times but it just kept going so I put my foot down and took a peak out the balcony and whatdyaknow. Cash being lit and burned to ashes in the air.

For 25minutes.

Gotta say it was pretty good though. That's a lot of fucking money evaporating but it does put up a good view, so I took some pictures.

Back to work again.
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