Friday, November 23, 2007

Tokyo Trip 2007 :: Day ④

The day I've been looking forward to. We went to 築地(Tsukiji) already on the 2nd day for Curry Udon but this times for sushi. Wanted to get up earlier to check out the market but again, it's too hard to get off that bed.

@ 寿司大 (Sushi Dai) :: Got lost there a bit late (9am) so we had to line for about an hour. But it was well worth the wait. ↓

@ the counter :: they serve instant made sushi right on the table. There's no dish, the whole table is. We ordered the "We'll let you decide" course. They serve whatever they got best from the market on that day so the menu may be different another day.
I recommend clicking on the images for a closer look. lol
↓ What we had in order.

and a big ass oyster to end the meal.

People outside waiting were peaking in staring at us so we decided to take off and check out the market.....and...we couldn't resist...

After a satisfying breakfast(?) we went to 六本木ヒルズ(Roppongi Hills). Took a walk around to analyze the area damn this place is we took a quick break afterwards.

Took another walk around and noticed it was lunch time. So...we had lunch.

Menu :: Soups from Soup Stock Tokyo / Pumpkin Fry / Cheese Croquette / Cutlet Sandwich

Energy charged. Time for the long walk. We basically searched every part of Roppongi Hills to find the designs laying around. Some were interesting, including the infamous Maman, symbol of Roppongi Hills.

Maman :: Louise Bourgeois

Roboroborobo (robo-en) :: Choi Jeong Hwa (L)
Where Did This Big Stone Come From? :: Katsuhiko Hibino (R)

Park Bench :: Jasper Morrison

Arch :: Andrea Branzi

Ripples :: Toyo Ito

sKape :: Karim Rashid

Evergreen? :: Ron Arad

Annas Stenar :: Thomas Sandells

Counter Void :: Tatsuo Miyajima

Chair disappears in the rain :: Tokujin Yoshioka

day-tripper :: Droog Design /Jurgen Bey with Christian Oppewal and Silvin v.d. Velden

All in all it was very cool. It was interesting to see the designs aging. Ron Arad's Evergreen? is good example of clever use of product aging. There were no vines when it was first built.

R-Burger :: another break

Made way to 新宿(Shinjuku) in the evening. Took a walk in Tokyu Hands. You can get almost anything here. Toys, bags, undies, toothbrush, stationery, compass, push up counter, suitcases, pug calendar, anything.

Had Soba for dinner. Ordered 天玉そば(Tendama Soba). The blokes there were eating really fast so we followed. I think I finished it in 5 minutes. Then we took a stroll in 歌舞伎町(kabukicho) and no nothing happened.

finally...this ain't mine. I had a つくね棒(Tsukune Bou)...

P1i :: Promise Theme

Theme by Zinph on deviantArt. Originally made for the Sony Ericsson M600i but it works fine with my P1i. Probably any UIQ platforms. It's nice and simple with depth. The semi-transparent white is a comfortable contrast to the orange background.

Image Hosted by

Usavich :: Stress Releaser

Only available at PARCO吉祥寺店(Kichijoji Store)for 980yen. WTF. Can't they share the love a bit broader, like to HK. At least out of 吉祥寺 so I have more ways to find it. It can be purchased on a mobile site also (Japan only). These things are gonna fly. I can't even find these things online. DAMMIT and I just walked passed the Kichijoji Store during my Tokyo Trip. (Speaking of Tokyo Day 4 will be up soon.)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

ウサビッチ :: USAVICH

For those of you who don't know Usavich. It's a CG short by Kanaban Graphics and it's been on a while already but it's been picking up buzz recently. I can't stop watching it it's really addictive with catchy BGM's that sync with the actions. Don't know how many times I've watched it but I still laugh out loud. ドMなオカマひよこってどんな発想だ!すごっ!

Episode :: 1 - 5

Check out Ep.1-5 first. If you like it watch the rest till 20 HERE.

Offical Website ::

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tokyo Trip 2007 :: Day ③

THIRD day. Just noticed the bed is really comfortable. The best I've slept on in any hotel I've stayed at. It put us behind schedule everyday it's just too hard to get up. Anyways we managed to and had breakfast at Denny's coz it was close to the station. Long trip to 横浜(Yokohama).

□ Quick breakfast at Denny's :: Eggs'n Pancakes but they were impossibly good....

□ On our way to Sea Paradise. Was considering Disney but hell I'd rather see penguins than Mickey. @ 金沢八景(Kanazawa Hakkei)after a long train ride, switching trains to go to Sea Paradise.

□ On our way...

□ @ 横浜(Yokohama) Sea Paradise :: Way bigger than I expected. No way I thought I'd see a polar bear..

□ @ the Show :: damn those dolphins got hops.

□ Random restaurant after the show :: Meat Lovers. 定番のカツカレー!泣きそうなった

□ @ Dolphin Fantasy :: I swear Dolphins are smarter than humans. Oya it was "Halloween Season" so they printed a face on the glass and gathered the fishes together to form a face. Cool idea.

□ They have a section in Sea Paradise called Fureai Lagoon where you can actually touch the dolphins and penguins. There's an area made like rocky shallow shores filled with various starfishes, sea urchines and other slimey stuff. Haven't played with an hermit crab in years! I use to make them fight.

□ Sun was starting to set. The gradient and clouds were stunning. Had to snap a few before we left. Went to a theatre to watch a 15minute show before we left but it sucked.

□ Took the Sea Line from 八景島駅(Hakkei Island Station)to an Outlet to do some shopping. Had dinner at Sam Choys and took off before it got too late.

□ And finally another つくね棒.

Another long exciting yet relaxing day. Can't ask for more.
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