Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mole Mapping :: ホクロ検討

Most of you probably know I have a perfect circle stamped right above the right side of my upper lip. That extra gap between your nose and lips. The reason why I can't try boxing. The booger illusion.
Anyways today I was sitting around thinking about the mole (I don't know why). If I was to remove it, when and how will it be done. What effects it will have in my upcoming life if it was removed. You know, the destiny stuff. How parts of your body symbolize your future. So I did a quick research on Chinese mole mapping and here's what I stumbled on.

Click to enlarge a bit...
The red marks are good(吉), and the blacks are bad(凶)(I mean the marks).
Ah, apparently that booger turns out to be a good sign!
It says 龍珠....wait a minute...Dragon Ball? I grew up with Dragon Ball as a kid and now my mole turns out to be Dragon Ball. Coincidence. And it's red. Kind of a mix emotion. Here's what it means:
A mole around the mouth region of any person (man or woman) indicates that the person is full of passion or curiously attracted to beauty and passion.

Generally, such people work in (either) arts, craft, entertainment, dress designing (I think garment and tailors, etc.), beauty (I think they mean beauty salon, etc.), and sex industry(ies).

If the mole is above the upper lip, the person (herself or himself) indulges in self-gratification via beautiful objects. These people will (most definitely) work in one of the above mentioned industries.

Positive Influences: (All categorization above) will be very energetic and enthusiastic in life (or attitudes towards life). Will be able to manage the lower region (of the body) with grace/gait. Happy disposition.

Negative Influences: (All categorization above) will have a tendency of over indulgence. Will lack or will have poor organizational skills. Easily fatigued.

Information by See Lai

I can say that is almost 85% accurate. Impressive.

So....should it be removed?......

More detailed information at See Lai's blog (thanks by the way)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Moment of Stillness :: Mui Wo

Nov.09 - 2008 :: Mui Wo
The weather's been great these past few weeks in Hong Kong so there's been a lot of outdooring going on. Went to Mui Wo this time, a rural town on the eastern coast of Lantau Island. A lot of people go overnight to hang out on the beach and BBQ, but this time was a half day trip only, to chill. The wind was REALLY strong so there were a lot of cloud art to see.

Most of the people in Mui Wo ride bikes. The main attractions to go to aren't so far away so bicycles is smart transportation. Most of the visitors will rent a bike to ride around to the other side where the beach and market is but this time a good chill on the other side of the shore was the way to go.

Liquid Sky

Playing on iPod :: A Moment of Stillness - God is an Astronaut

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dragon's Back :: Round 02

Nov.02 - 2008, Round 02 : The Dam.
Like I said on the previous post, the day wasn't over. After going down a few hundred steps we arrived at the Dam.The path is like what you see above. The same pavement 3/4's of the journey.

After taking turns left and right the path is still the same. It was quite tough Psychologically. Like this.

Things get brighter as we hit the edge.

The view was actually quite rewarding. Stood here a good 10 minutes before we finished off. See the mountain on the left of the pic? That's where we started.

Get's "foresty" towards the end of the long crawl. I can't stand snakes and I was constantly looking around.

Got to the end finally. Grand total of 6~7 hours of hiking in the end. Legs were soaring for 2 days. Overall it was a refreshing experience and the weather in this season now is perfect so I'm looking forward to go climb another mountain before winter.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dragon's Back :: Round 01

Nov.02-2008, Round 01: Dragon's Back
Went hiking with a group of Veterans last Sunday at the so called Dragon's Back. Heard from "S" that it was a easy ride with a nice view. Right about the view. Ride? Smooth until the Pro's decided to cut some corners. ↓

Paths to overcome.
Left: Stairway to Heaven (Official)
Center: Rocky Mountain (Semi-Official)
Right: Brazilian Rain Forest (Unofficial). Forget the concrete pavement. The veterans have their own route. Honestly this was more interesting but that was one helluva climb. Had to push away / grab onto branches and plants in the forest to get through my way.

Saw a lot of groups bring their dogs along. This one's a fatass, I hope he got through.

On the way to the top.

The peak. Now we go for the dragon's back ride. It does feel like the dragon's back. Perfect naming.

Valley of the Wind

Rollin. The scenery was amazing, although it was a bit cloudy this day. The mist gave a lot of mood though so I guess that's also a choice. Would like to come back again on a sunny day.

No racks 'n fences. Could've slipped and rolled 10 minutes all the way down. It's also what made the scenery so impressive though. Natural.

One friggin long dragon. Walked around 3.5~4 hours.
At the end we started walking down. When we were done, one of the leaders asked us if we wanted to walk more since it was a nice day. Said there was a nice route just below to the Dam and it'll only take 1.5 hours. Thought heck why not so we went to cool off.

Turned out to be a 3 hour walk. That's Round 02.

Friday, November 7, 2008

700 :: Obama's Around The World

Obama Headlines from around the world. Via Digg.

Obama Grabs Headlines

Monday, November 3, 2008

A Day in Stanley :: 赤柱 Nov.01.2008

Our friend Shirley's birthday party was gonna be held at Stanley so we decided to take off earlier to walk around.

Don't know why but felt a sudden urge to open it.......and found a frog? toad? Don't know how the hell it got in.

Hyper Ordinary. Looks better than the flowers.

The whuchumacallits. How do you read the damn thing I've never seen a word like that. Anyways it's a popular place but.....just stick with the toast and nothing else.

The Naoto Fukasawa Theory! People just naturally position themselves in a balanced distance. Like when the blokes are looking for a spot in the toilet to take a leak.

Finishing off the evening with God Is An Astronaut.

Sunset. Taking off to meet Shirley and friends! Happy Birthday Shirley!
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