Sunday, February 28, 2010 :: gl

Stayed at home a day coz of the ridiculous humidity in hk recently. I swear you could see clouds float pass you on the 2nd floor of McD's. So I was home stumbling on sites and ran across a blog introducing Flavor.Me, a site where you can easily create your own "profile website".

"Create your own website" prolly makes you wanna wave the flag instantly but what's so cool about Flavors.Me is that it'll only take 2 minutes, 5 tops if you're picky. Just register and they will take you along the rest of the process. Just type in information, choose your layout and colors and you're almost done. The result is a simple and elegant profile site for others to view and share.

It's basically a personal portal or online identity you can introduce to others to share things about yourself. Like a business card but only online with a lot more content about yourself.

You can add services like Flickr, Blogger and even Facebook (for all the FB lovers) and it will automatically integrate the contents into your Flavor.Me website. All the info is integrated into the site so the user doesn't have to leave the page.

Best to check it out yourself. Here's mine:

For the 'portfolio' section I just uploaded renderings to my Flickr account and used the service in this site. It automatically integrated everything to complete simplicity. Gonna polish the background with a better image later but I guess this will do for now. Looks best on wide screens(↑). Not sure how mine will turn up on 4:3 monitors but hopefully it won't crop out much....

Check if you have time or really need a portfolio website to introduce yourself to others.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beautiful Things :: Beautiful Site

Friends of mine have put up a site to share beautiful things they've found on the web, with various categories for your liking.

Checkitout here:

We Love Beautiful Things

Monday, February 22, 2010

JLPT :: 結果


一級合格! よかったぁ~

Saturday, February 20, 2010

2K10 :: スタートライン









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